Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday Picks

Here are my " Wednesday Picks", Fruit/ Flower Centerpieces . I did this because I am seeing ALOT of people inquiring about cranberry , fruit "decor". Once again I have decided to cut out the headache and share this cornucopia of fruit delights.....ENJOY !!!! Oh yes, thanks to Ocean Spray and Better Homes and mecca !!!!
1. Orange Topiary ( Orange Kumquats and roses)
2.) Cranberry Centerpiece ( Dried Cranberries and White Roses)
3.) Texture Centerpiece ( Pine Cones, White Pumpkins , Nuts and Berries )
4.) Lily Vase Accent ( White Pumpkins as a vase, Lily's and Berries )
5.) Fruit and Candles Centerpiece ( Candles mixed w/ fruit and pine nuts as an accent )

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