Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Hat Day!

Happy Hat Day everyone! Today is National Hat Day (every Jan. 15 is), well not officially "National" since it isn't a government holiday. But it is cold in most parts of the US, and hats are worn to keep in the warmth. Much of our body heat is lost through the head and hats help to protect us from the chilly weather. So in recognition of hat day and hats of all sizes, color, shapes, and styles, here are some crafty hats:

"Lucky Hat" Craft Project from "Lucky the Leprechaun"

Tigger's "Circle Hat"

the "Ultimate Sun Hat"

How to Make a Marukai Hat

How to Make a Paper Hat

1 comment:

jennwa said...

The cat hat is terrific. I am not sure how cats would wear it but it is cute.