Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crafty Christmas Tree Skirt - O Christmas Tree!

The countdown is now at 12 days until Christmas and I just bought my Christmas tree! I was surfing around looking for some crafty projects that I can do with the kids to decorate. We have a lot of heirloom ornaments and have even hung some of the 2007 crafty ones. We reused last year's star and lighting. But what we needed to really tie everything together was a great new tree skirt. The old one just had to go. So why not create one with the family that we can use and reuse for years to come? Here are a couple of Christmas tree skirts I am considering - I know, I'd better hurry! :)

Here's an heirloom tree skirt that is easy to make for the whole family and will leaving lasting impressions. I found it on

Super Easy Heirloom Tree Skirt - perfect if you have a lot of kids!

Christmas tree skirt craft

Christmas tree skirt craft

Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns - these are a little more involving but the patterns are just amazing!

Basic Directions on How to Make a Satin or Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

Here's a few more from - the site has step-by-step directions as well:

Christmas Tree Skirt

christmas tree skirt

christmas tree skirt

What do you guys think? Have you guys come across some really neat Christmas tree skirts?


Scribbit said...

A couple years ago I made one and thought I'd be very chic and different by making a square one--I soon realized why they're not square, they're horrible to keep straight and pretty that way.

But I hand quilted it so I'm not ready to ever give it up.

jennwa said...

I love the tree skirt with the hand prints, that is so cute.

Simply Stork said...

what a great cute!

~simply stork~

Anonymous said...

I like your creative blog! I especially liked your Creative Centerpieces in November. Do you have Creative Centerpieces for December too? Maybe it's here and I just can't find it.
Keep up the good work!

GiftGuru said...

I will be posting creative centerpieces for December soon - I know Im late, but better late than never. Let me know if you guys find any as well. Thanks!