Monday, December 3, 2007

Monster Craft Idea

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Got kids who love monsters? I came across this great blog post today: Monster Art! and thought they were just lovely for any kid who is not scared away by them. They are plushy and are created by talented artist Lizette Greco. Inspired by drawings, these monster plush crafts come to stunning life. If your kids are more on the wild side, tame them with a plush monster craft this holiday. You can view many of Lizette's work on her site.

Monster Art!


jennwa said...

I think even I could do that. That is cool.

Hollywood said...

Her products are so great! What a whimsical idea to make animals from kids' drawings. But I wish they weren't so expensive. I guess I could just make my own though ;) I'm sure they wouldn't turn out a fraction as cool but the idea rocks.