Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Light Bright Pumpkins

Celestial Pumpkins Craft

I thought this craft was particularly cool. Instead of carving the usual faces in the pumpkin, you clean them out and drill tiny holes in them instead.
Then you use tiny white lights to illuminate them. It is easy and you can use them all season long rather than throwing away the old jack-o-lanterns after October 31st.


Celestial Pumpkins How-To
1. Turn a pumpkin on its side, and use a knife to carve out a circular opening in the bottom. Make the opening large enough so your hand can fit comfortably through it. Remove the flesh and seeds. With a serrated loop tool, scrape away the pumpkin's inner wall until it's about 1/4 inch thick. Turn the pumpkin right side up.

2. Drill holes using a 1/4-inch bit; use tape as a guide for a uniform pattern, or make randomly spaced holes.

3. Insert a string of lights through the bottom, and place one bulb in each hole, pushing the bulbs through so they protrude slightly. Tuck the remaining lights into the pumpkin, and turn the pumpkin right side up with the light string's plug running out from the bottom.

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