Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pretty Party Pumpkins

Party Pumpkins Craft...

This craft is utilized by decorating small pumpkins that you can use all through the Fall as a centerpiece. Fun and VERY easy to make. All you need is paint, glaze, and creative thinking.

The creative thinking is important, otherwise your pumpkins will be rather boring.



1. Use a foam brush to apply acrylic paint evenly over pumpkin.

2. While paint is still wet, run a rubber comb around the pumpkin. Start from the stem and work from top to bottom. As an alternative to painting and combing, use a broad-tip marker to draw spirals or dots on the pumpkins, or go a little wild by drawing random lines in contrasting colors.

3. When paint or ink is dry, spray with a polyurethane glaze as a protective finish.


Miniature pumpkins in varying sizes and shapes

Foam brush

Acrylic paint

Rubber comb (available from craft stores)

Broad-tip permanent markers

Polyurethane glaze

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